An important achievement for our company: Redo is one of the Best For The WorldTM B Corps 2022, in the top 5% of 6,100 highest score companies in the impact Governance on a global scale.
An achievement that recognizes the transparent and accountable management of our governance, able to achieve and balance the interests of all stakeholders: from the investors to the community, from the employees to the environment. The factors of success that make this possible are linked to a precise and functional definition of objectives, responsibilities, and roles in the ESG framework, such as, for example, establishing the Head of Impact, Sustainability and Communication.

Moreover, Redo integrated its remuneration policies considering performance evaluation from an ESG perspective.

It is through structured governance that the mission and commitments found in the Bylaw translate into an attentive decisional and executive process, able to transform values into actions. This is what guides us when establishing new funds, in realizing new real estate projects, and in innovative experimentations and strategic alliances.

This approach makes us one of the best B Corps in the world for the practices adopted relating to sustainability. This certification issued by B Lab, the body that certifies B Corp companies, is additional confirmation that Redo is paving the way for change: creating a value-added, positive impact for community, city, and environmental development. Redo is committed to a just climate transition path, that takes into consideration the economic, social and environmental sustainability of its real estate developments. With its affordable housing and urban regeneration projects, Redo aims at redesigning the way of city living, with solutions accessible for people and sustainable for the environment.

The B Corp certification is aimed at companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, and transparency and accountability, as seen in the image below.

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